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                Your Location:  GroupOverviewHistory


                November of 1954£ºSBC£¬named as Wuhan Iron and Steel Construction Company.

                March of 1956£ºRenamed as Wuhan Metallurgical Construction Corporation.

                January of 1963£ºRenamed as Wuhan Metallurgical Construction Company.

                1964£ºRenamed as China First Metallurgical Construction Company.

                May of 1966£ºDivide into two companies£º One is CFMCC; another one was named as the 19th Metallurgical Construction Company.

                1974£ºThe 19th MCC Company sent a team named as MCC 19th Company Headquarters of Wu Steel 1700 Hot Rolling Mill project.

                September of 1978£ºThe team came to Shanghai, and became Shanghai Baosteel Project 19th MCC Company Sub-headquarter.

                June of 1981£ºShanghai Baosteel 19th MCC Company Sub-headquarters was separated from 19th MCC Company, and became Shanghai Branch of 19th MCC Company, directly under the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of China.

                June 4th, 1986£ºShanghai Branch of 19th MCC Company was restructured as Shanghai Baosteel Metallurgical Construction Company.

                March of 1998£ºAfter the establishment of MCC Group, Shanghai Baosteel Metallurgical Construction Company was under the supervision of MCC Group and became the wholly-owned subsidiaries of MCC Group.

                January 15th, 2003£ºShanghai Baosteel Metallurgical Construction Company restructured as Shanghai Baoye Construction Company.

                February of 2010£ºShanghai Baoye Construction Company was restructured as Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd; and the registered capital was increased from 360 million RMB to 473.6 million RMB.

                April of 2014£ºRegistered capital was increased from 473.6 million RMB to 1.8 billion RMB.

                November of 2015:Registered capital was increased from 1.8 billion RMB to 2.3 billion RMB.

                November 18th, 2016:Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd. merged with Beris Engineering and Research Corporation.