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                Overseas Projects



                Name: Kampot Southern Cement Plant
                Location: Kampot Provice No.3 highway 128km away from Phnom Penh
                Period: 2018.07-2020.01

                Name: Golden Sun Sky Commercial & Residential Building
                Location: north of Golden Sun Sky Hotel, Otres Beach, China Town, Sihanoukville
                Period: 2018.09-2019.03

                Name: New HAHC Hospital at Ahmadi & Jahra Project
                Location: Kuwait
                Period: 2016.12-2019.06

                Name: Cambodia D¨Seaview Apartment Project
                Location: Cambodia
                Period: 2016.02-2018.11

                Name: Cambodia TACC the Gateway Residential Tower
                Location: Cambodia
                Period: 2016.05-2019.05

                Name: Uzbekistan LT 120-thousand Spindle Project
                Location: Uzbekistan

                Name: Cambodia Phnom Penh Sky Villa Project
                Location: Cambodia
                Period: 2014.11-2016.08

                Name: Philippines Gateway Tower
                Location: Philippine
                Period: 2010.12-2012.10

                Name: Dubai Nad Al Sheba Racecourse
                Location: Dubai
                Period: 2008.08-2009.03

                Name: Gerdau Acominas Sinter & Coking Plant
                Location: Brazil
                Period: 2006.01-2006.09

                Name: Thabaung 200t/d Pulp Mill
                Location: Myanmar
                Period: 2002.09-2004.04

                Name: R&F Mansion Residential Buildings (Phase 2)
                Location: nearby Hun Sen Blvd. in the south of Phnom Penh
                Period: 2018.10-2020.02

                Name: Kuantan 3.5Million Tons Steel Plant Project
                Location: Malaysia
                Period: 2016.12-2018.08

                Name: Kibing Group(M) Float Glass Main Workshop
                Location: Malaysia
                Period: 2016.03-2017.02

                Name: Cambodia Battambang Conch Cement Plant
                Location: Cambodia

                Name: Vietnam Zhengyang Paper Plant Project
                Location: Vietnam
                Period: 2015.12-2016.12

                Name: GRED One Park Sales Office Project
                Location: Cambodia
                Period: 2015.08-2015.11

                Name: Phnom Penh Bali Scenery Resort (Phase III)
                Location: Cambodia
                Period: 2015.04-2016.09

                Name: Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation 
                   Converter & Continuous Casting Project
                Location: Vietnam
                Period: 2013.05-2015.11

                Name: Philippines Car Parking project
                Location: Philippine
                Period: 2011.08-2012.04

                Name: NTS 500,000 t/a Iron-making Complex
                Location: Thailand
                Period: 2008.06-2009.06

                Name: Headquarter Tower of Kuwait Central Bank
                Location: Kuwait
                Period: 2009.02-2011.12